Background check with idwall

Consult data in an easy and practical way with our Background Check solution, which automates processes such as KYC. Guarantee compliance with your market’s most important regulations and consult essential information to accelerate the digital onboarding process for clients and partners, without leaving aside the security of your business.

All data is centralized on an intuitive dashboard

All the information and products you need in a single space: easy to use, our dashboard centralizes all data such as debts, legal processes, and criminal records.

  • Automated risk analysis
  • Agile user onboarding flow
  • Fast digital onboarding process
  • Complete risk analysis

Reduce risk with more information

With only a little data, we can quickly and efficiently generate a complete report, without causing friction for the user during the onboarding process.

Accept more clients
and suppliers

Ensuring trust is one of the main challenges of the digital era. idwall helps you say yes to more clients and suppliers.

Eliminate the need for
manual processes

Doing detailed checks for every new client or supplier is a demanding, time-consuming task. idwall automates the whole KYC (Know Your Customer) process and eliminates the need for a back office.

Prevent fraud

Feel secure knowing your business is safe in an automated way and with a smaller number of false positives.

More compliance, less bureaucracy

Automate your data check and obtain all necessary information for your business in an easy and quick way, thus accelerating your decision making. See which types of automated data our Background Check can look for.

Identity and registration status

Validate a CPF or CNPJ in a quick and efficient way

Criminal history

Emission of a Criminal Record Clearance Certificate


Consult the Courts of Justice and the Regional Federal Courts

Driver’s license (CNH) verification

We consult DENATRAN to validate the driver’s license

Traffic violations and vehicle status

Consult traffic tickets, violations, and situations involving theft or robbery

Sanctions, administrative offenses, and PEP

Person and company verification within public organizations and lists

Labor pending matters

Quickly and easily emit a Negative Certificate of Labor Pending Matters

Financial default

Consult protests in courts and credit bureaus through a previously created account

International terrorism list

Protect your company against the risk of terrorism financing
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