Convert more clients, improve user experience, reduce fraud, and obey regulatory demands. Our Background Check, Document OCR, and Face Match solutions make your processes more secure and up to ten times faster.

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idwall builds trust through data and technology. Our technology empowers businesses with compliant, scalable and secure identity verification, reducing fraud while providing a frictionless, on-demand customer experience.

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See how idwall can help your client registration process and KYC automation, keeping your business in compliance with your industries’ most important regulations.

Document validation with OCR

Quicker and more secure

Your client sends a picture of their driver’s license (CNH) or identity card (RG) and we do the rest. We extract data from the image of a document using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and check if the data is accurate on public sources. All that is done automatically, making your onboarding quicker, safer, and slicker.

Face Match

Authenticate users faster

Our facial recognition technology reduces the risk of identity fraud. By comparing the selfie taken at the moment of registration to the picture extracted from the document, we make sure your users are really who they say they are.

Background Check

Background check with idwall

Automatically consult detailed information about your user, making your client verification and KYC processes up to 10 times faster. With idwall's Background Check, your company can validate data such as registration status, fines, and lawsuits in more than 200 public and private sources, as well as adverse media on the most important news websites.

Mobile SDK

Quicker registrations with less fraud

Now it’s even quicker to integrate idwall’s solutions to your product. With our mobile SDK, approving clients without compromising your app’s UX and security can be simple.

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